Roberts Research and Consulting today announced it will host two Women Veterans and Clergy Conferences in April of 2020. One event will take place in Charleston, South Carolina and the other in Richmond, Virginia. The conferences will bring together women veterans, male and female military chaplains, VA chaplains, and civilian clergy to learn about moral injury in women veterans, discuss healing modalities, engage in healing practices, and talk about ways to bring about positive change.

Moral injury is a term that refers to the inner conflict military service members feel when their sense of moral rightness is violated during their time in the service. Initial findings of a current study underway on moral injury for women veterans conducted by Dr. Daniel Roberts of Roberts Research and Consulting and Joann Kovacich, Ph.D. of the University of Phoenix suggest military sexual trauma is one common cause of moral injury, as well as witnessing atrocities, killing in combat, and being forced to do things that are against one’s moral values.

Both military chaplains and civilian clergy have a special role to play in the well-being of service personnel. Military chaplains are often the first person a soldier talks to when he or she experiences difficult circumstances. Once service members leave the military, civilian clergy and Veterans Administration (VA) chaplains can provide care, but civilian clergy often do not know how to “speak the veteran’s language.” Veterans are often hesitant to reach out to people they do not know.

The conferences aim to address these problems by putting military chaplains, civilian clergy, and women veterans in the same room. Veterans will get a chance to tell their stories. Researchers who specialize in moral injury, soul care, PTSD, and mental health will share their latest findings, and clergy and mind/body/soul practitioners will describe healing modalities. The conference leaders hope to create an environment for positive relationships and future collaboration. Registration for attendees and presenters is open at:  

To make the conference affordable for veterans who are on limited budgets, there is no charge to attend. Roberts Research and Consulting is seeking sponsors to defray the cost of the event and provide travel scholarships for those veterans who are short on funds. Sponsors will receive an exhibitor space at one of the conferences, a full-page ad in the conference book, premium advertising space on the website for three months, and a place in the welcome bags for their brochures or other items.

To find out more, contact Dr. Daniel Roberts, or 910-690-5964.

Roberts Research and Consulting (RRC) is a company that specializes in education, research, and advocacy in military chaplaincy and soldier care. RRC’s research focus is on pastoral support to female service members. Women are an underserved population when it comes to spiritual leadership and support. By conducting studies with female service members as the primary population, RRC is able to develop theories and practices that will enhance the lives of women in the military.

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