Why We Need a Conference for Women Veterans and Clergy Men

As a man myself, and someone who served in the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps for 18 years, I can honestly say that I had no idea how difficult it was to serve as a woman in the military. Four years ago I began to get a clue and it was very disturbing. In 20I6, I […]

What Topics Should We Discuss at the Women Veterans Military Moral Injury Conferences?

We are hosting two Women Veterans Military Moral Injury conferences in 2020. The first will take place in Charleston, SC on March 26-27 and the second in Richmond, VA, May 14-15. The purposes of the conferences are to bring together women veterans, military and VA chaplains, civilian clergy and mental health practitioners to discuss the […]

Old Memories, Fresh Wounds

For the last several months, I have been working with a partner to conduct a moral injury study for women veterans. (We are still looking for participants. If you are a female veteran and experienced something while serving that caused inner conflict or went against your moral values, consider signing up: https://chaplainconsultants.com/projects/). Although military sexual […]

Why Male Clergy Need to Understand Moral Injury in Women

Introduction In the United States, most clergy are male. Approximately 95% of U.S. Army chaplains are men (U.S. Army, 2014) and only 12% of churches have a woman in the senior leadership role (Hartford Institute for Religion Research, 2006). There are many women in institutional ministry (e.g. prison and hospital chaplaincy), but for most women […]

What’s Missing in Moral Injury Research

Moral injury (MI) is a term that refers to the emotional trauma a military service member feels when his or her sense of moral rightness is violated during the course of war (Currier, Holland, Drescher, & Foy, 2015a; Currier, McCormick, & Drescher, 2015b; Nash, Carper, Mills, Au, Goldsmith, & Litz, 2013). MI addresses a gap […]

Narrative Counseling: Helping Women and Minority Service Members Navigate Trauma

Even though the Department of Defense continues to promote equality through training and policy, minority groups, including women, non-Whites, and LGBT service members continue to experience a higher level of emotional trauma, bias, and discrimination than men, Whites, and heterosexuals. Military women are sexually assault at seven times the rate of men (Davis, Grifka, Williams, […]