Old Memories, Fresh Wounds

For the last several months, I have been working with a partner to conduct a moral injury study for women veterans. (We are still looking for participants. If you are a female veteran and experienced something while serving that caused inner conflict or went against your moral values, consider signing up: https://chaplainconsultants.com/projects/). Although military sexual […]

Why Male Clergy Need to Understand Moral Injury in Women

Introduction In the United States, most clergy are male. Approximately 95% of U.S. Army chaplains are men (U.S. Army, 2014) and only 12% of churches have a woman in the senior leadership role (Hartford Institute for Religion Research, 2006). There are many women in institutional ministry (e.g. prison and hospital chaplaincy), but for most women […]

What’s Missing in Moral Injury Research

Moral injury (MI) is a term that refers to the emotional trauma a military service member feels when his or her sense of moral rightness is violated during the course of war (Currier, Holland, Drescher, & Foy, 2015a; Currier, McCormick, & Drescher, 2015b; Nash, Carper, Mills, Au, Goldsmith, & Litz, 2013). MI addresses a gap […]

Narrative Counseling: Helping Women and Minority Service Members Navigate Trauma

Even though the Department of Defense continues to promote equality through training and policy, minority groups, including women, non-Whites, and LGBT service members continue to experience a higher level of emotional trauma, bias, and discrimination than men, Whites, and heterosexuals. Military women are sexually assault at seven times the rate of men (Davis, Grifka, Williams, […]