Raped, Bullied, and Neglected

So far, I have only conducted a small number of interviews for the study entitled, “Moral Injury in Women Veterans: A Grounded Theory,” but some common themes are quickly emerging. The first is, that all of the women were raped by someone in a position of authority over them, like their commanders. Some were rapedContinue reading “Raped, Bullied, and Neglected”

Caring Deeply about the Underserved

Sixteen years ago, I began a journey that would transform the rest of my life. In February of 2002, I entered the military chaplaincy as a member of the dominant group – a White, male, conservative Christian. In my prior service as an infantryman, I had never worked with female soldiers. I assumed, like manyContinue reading “Caring Deeply about the Underserved”

Narrative Counseling: Helping Women and Minority Service Members Navigate Trauma

Even though the Department of Defense continues to promote equality through training and policy, minority groups, including women, non-Whites, and LGBT service members continue to experience a higher level of emotional trauma, bias, and discrimination than men, Whites, and heterosexuals. Military women are sexually assault at seven times the rate of men (Davis, Grifka, Williams,Continue reading “Narrative Counseling: Helping Women and Minority Service Members Navigate Trauma”

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