Moral Injury Research, Discussions, and Support Methods: Volume 1

Edited by Susan Watson, and Daniel L. Roberts

For anyone interested in learning more about moral injury, this book provides details on what MMI is. Part 1 of this book contains three research projects that were presented at the moral injury conference hosted by MISNS, in June of 2021.

Part 1

First, Roberts and Kovacich offers preliminary data from their research that focused on the moral injurious experiences of women veterans. While the data are preliminary, the stories are compelling and provide a glimpse into real tragedy.

The second chapter, by Korshak, Thomas, and Burlazzi, details a study that “explored how experiencing morally injurious events during military service may impact mental health symptoms, and/or engagement in healthy lifestyle behaviours (e.g. healthy food choices, regular physical activity) in post-9/11 Veterans.” Using a mixed methods design, the research found significant correlations between moral injurious experiences and health outcomes.

Next, the text contains information on post-traumatic embitterment disorder (PTED). This research is from the perspective of health and social professionals in the U.K. Brennan, describe PTED “as a reaction to negative life-events that are perceived as unjust or experiences of betrayal which result in chronic feelings of bitterness and anger.”

Part 2

The second part of the book consists of edited transcripts from two episodes of MISNS podcast episodes. In the first chapter, Roberts and Ricks discuss the moral injury implications of America’s recent exodus from the Afghanistan campaign, (a war that lasted over 20 years).

Next, Jessica Greenbaum describes a poetic process for helping people recover from trauma. Jessica explains how one does not need to be schooled in fine arts or be a gifted artist to induce post-traumatic growth through poetry.

Part 3

This book concludes with a chapter on one moral injury support method. DiNatale details her research study that explored “how military veterans heal from moral injury from a cultural psychological perspective.” The key to this healing is through “moral injury-moral repair dialectical relationships.”

This is the first volume of a series of books and the next volume will be published in 2023. The next volume will include the latest in moral injury research to help our struggling veterans.


  1. Women Veterans and the Question of Moral Injury: Initial Results by Daniel L. Roberts and Joann Kovacich
  2. The MILE Study: Moral Injury and the Lived Experience in Post-9/11 Veterans by Lauren Korshak, Laura A. Thomas, and Vincent F. Burlazzi
  3. Moral Injury and Post-Traumatic Embitterment Disorder in UK Health and Social Care Professionals due to the COVID-19 Pandemic by Chloe Brennan & Jonathon Cole
  4. Moral Injury in Afghanistan by Daniel L. Roberts and Mia Ricks
  5. Poems in Community for the Morally Injured by Jessica Greenbaum, Mia Ricks & Daniel L. Roberts
  6. How Military Veterans Heal from the Moral Wounds of War by Lois DiNatale

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