Project Description

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The Tubman Chaplain Network (TCN) is a network dedicated to matching qualified women chaplains with current and veteran servicewomen in need of spiritual counseling for moral injuries suffered during their military service. Named in honor of the deeply religious, courageous, and strong leader of the Underground Railroad, TCN will support women in their darkest hours and guide them to a place of personal freedom, empowerment and strength. 


Project Progress


Project Timing

  • Start
    Aug 01 2020
  • End
    Aug 01 2022

08/01/2020 08/01/2022


Overall Project Completion

  • 20%
  • 60%


  • 40%
  • 80%

Preliminary Study 100% Complete 4/4 Tasks completed

Developed preliminary concepts and feasibility checks to get Board of Director's review and approval for the project. 

4/4 Completed Tasks

  • Determine minimal personnel and structure.
  • Determine liability considerations.
  • Estimate cost for staffing with minimal employees and maximal volunteers.
  • Get MISNS Board of Directors approval to continue project.

Creation of Policy and Training Documents, Database 86% Complete 6/7 Tasks completed


6/7 Completed Tasks

  • Draft Code of Ethics and Standards of Care Document.
  • Draft chaplain qualifications document.
  • Create chaplain application process.
  • Create draft of forms.
  • Create training manual for chaplains and staff.
  • Check to make sure we are not violating gender discrimination laws
  • Get board approval on Code of Ethics and Standard of Care

Prepare to Launch 0% Complete 0/6 Tasks completed


0/6 Completed Tasks

  • Create marketing products.
  • Create online training
  • Begin fundraising activities.
  • Create hotline email address
  • Get hotline phone number
  • Hire Intake Specialist

Enrollment and Training 0% Complete 0/4 Tasks completed


0/4 Completed Tasks

  • Enroll first group of chaplains.
  • Train first group of chaplains.
  • Purchase insurance.
  • Open the network to women veteran customers.

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