Part 1: Meet Katie and Katie!

Let’s Talk Moral Injury
Let’s Talk Moral Injury
Part 1: Meet Katie and Katie!

On this episode we will speak with Katie Ross and Katie Civiletto Stenger about a variety of topics including: Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder in Veterans, Access to care, Navigating healthcare outside the VA, Continuum of Care, and much more. 

Katie Ross is a seasoned professional in the veteran and military space, she has dedicated her career to Serving Those Who Serve. Katie currently serves as the Director of Veterans Services for Summit Behavioral Health Care’s Tactical Recovery Program. Katie worked to design the Tactical Recovery, this program was created because very few addiction and mental health centers are genuinely qualified in understanding and treating Veterans. Far too often, Veterans do not receive the level of treatment they deserve from people who understand the full impact of their service- she wanted to change this. For her, this work is personal, Katie is a seasoned military spouse, and grew up as a military brat. Her dedication to serving those who serve is exemplified in both her professional roles and volunteer roles in the community. 

Part 2: Meet Katie and Katie!

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