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Select Proceedings Book from 2020 Women Veterans Military Moral Injury Conferences

Edited by Lindsey Moser, Liz L’Eclair, Susan Watson, and Daniel L. Roberts

This book contains select presentations from the groundbreaking military moral injury conferences co-hosted in March and May of 2020 by the Moral Injury Support Network for Servicewomen, Inc. and Women Veterans Social Justice Network (WVSJ).

This book is loaded with resources, practical activities, and tools you can use in your practice and personal life. Written by top experts in the field of moral injury and veteran support, chapters include: 

  • Moral Injury: A Common And Often Neglected Syndrome Among Veterans Experiencing War Trauma, by Dr. Harold Koenig
  • Military Moral Injury and Women Veterans, by Chaplain (Colonel) Cliff Vicars, DMin & Christiane O’Hara, PhD
  • Female Service Members and Veterans and Suicide Risk: What We Need to Know, by Jennifer Tucker, PhD, Laura Faulconer, MSW, MPA, & Holly O’Reilly, PhD
  • Contemplative Practices and Lamentations, by Dr. Daniel Roberts and Christiane O’Hara, PhD
  • Faith-Based and Secular Meditation: Everyday Betrayal Trauma and Other Posttraumatic Applications for Personal Practice and with Clients, by Dr. Raymond Scurfield
  • Planning a Faith Community Military Veteran Ministry, by Chaplain (Colonel) Cliff Vicars, DMin & Christiane O’Hara, PhD
  • and others

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Estimated date of publication: January 31, 2021


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