Moral Injury Research

Moral injury is a topic that is getting considerable attention from the military chaplaincy and veteran research fields.  Multiple definitions for moral injury exist. The field of research has produced some survey instruments, but there is much more work to be done. Current definitions and scales were developed using sample populations with few women soldiers in them. Including the concrete experiences of women is a hallmark of feminist research. All of the research conducted by Moral Injury Support Network for Servicewomen, Inc. (MISNS) focuses on the experiences of service women and family members. These are underserved populations, both in research and support.

There are multiple MISNS research studies in development, including those investigating the moral injurious experiences of women veterans, spouses of service members with PTSD, and whistleblowers. We are also looking at how chaplains provide support and the perceptions of women in receiving pastoral care from military clergy. One project is in an advanced stage. In this study, we are using a qualitative grounded theory design to create an explanatory theory of moral injury as it pertains to U.S. women veterans. More information can be found here:

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