2020 Women Veterans Military Moral Injury Conference


The Conference is Moving to an Online Platform

For the conference partners of the Moral Injury Support Network for Servicewomen, Inc., Women Veterans Social Justice Network and Leashes of Valor, your safety and health is our number one priority. In light of that and the international health crisis arising from the COVID-19 virus, we are moving the Women Veterans Military Moral Injury Conference in Charleston to an online platform. We believe that this conference is extremely important to the future health and well-being of our veterans and servicewomen. We are leveraging technology to enable you to experience virtually all of the aspects of this conference as if we were together in Charleston. The live broadcasts will take place during the original timeframe – March 26 and 27.

Collaboration and relationship building are two of the most important features of this conference. To that end, we are creating an online community platform that will give you special access to private chat room discussions, live webinars and recordings, resource lists, online collaboration, and exclusive content. The platform will be a way to connect with veterans, community health professionals, chaplains, and other faith leaders to continue the discussions about moral injury and enhance post-traumatic growth. If you have already paid your registration fee, you will gain access to the live broadcasts from Charleston and a one-year subscription to the new platform once it launches. The live broadcasts will take place during the same time frame as the original conference – March 26-27, and we expect the new platform to launch within a few months.

If you have not registered, you can still do so. There is only space for 100 active participants on the broadcasts and we don’t want you to miss out. To register, go to: http://bit.ly/ConferenceCheckin. Please be sure to enter your email address so that we can send you the conference log in details.

Hotel Rooms
For those of you who used the discount code to reserve a room at the Cambria Charleston Riverview, all of those rooms will be cancelled on Monday. If you still want to travel to Charleston for personal reasons, you will need to call the hotel at (843) 766-4322 to rebook. There will be no conference personnel at the College of Charleston. The entire event is taking place online via Zoom.

Certificates of Attendance
For those of you who paid for a certificate of attendance, we will ensure that you get credit for your attendance and receive a proper certificate. 

This is a major shift, but what is emerging from this challenge is much greater than we originally planned. The online platform we are building will provide greater ongoing connectivity, mutual support and resource sharing than we could do at a two-day conference. We still plan to hold on-site conferences in the future once the health crisis is over, but in the meantime, we will continue to push forward on tackling the problem of moral injury in military women.

The Problem

There is a definite lack of knowledge about moral injury within the veteran and clergy community. Some chaplains have no idea how much women veterans are truly suffering and how little support they receive. Many chaplains think of moral injury as something that only happens to combat soldiers. For military women, moral injury often involves military sexual trauma.

Women veterans are widely spread throughout the U.S. and civilian clergy represent a source of support for these veterans. However, many of them don’t know what to do to help women veterans. Many women veterans have a low level of financial and transportation resources.

The Research

Much of the moral injury research that has been conducted to this point has centered on the experiences of men in combat. Moral injury in women often happens due to other circumstances, such as military sexual trauma and disrespect from military men. To develop a theory of moral injury for women veterans, we are interviewing women who served in the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard. To find out more, go to: https://chaplainconsultants.com/projects/.

The Conferences

Besides conducting cutting edge research, Moral Injury Support Network for Servicewomen, Inc. (MISNS, pronounced “missions”) has teamed up with the Women Veterans Social Justice Network and Leashes of Valor to host a series of conferences that will give veterans a chance to tell their stories so that chaplains and clergy will get a true sense of some of the problems that still exist in the military and in support systems. Military chaplains and clergy will talk about ways that they are working to bring healing in their spaces. Researchers will describe the latest findings, and practitioners will expose attendees to a variety of modalities. The conference will also give attendees a chance to build relationships with each other for ongoing help and support.

The Women Veterans Military Moral Injury Conferences take a diversity approach to spirituality and faith. Clergy and practitioners from a wide variety of faiths, disciplines, and religions are welcome. The conferences will include healing and mind/body events.


The first two conferences will take place this spring, March 26-27, 2020 and May 14-15, 2020. Stay tuned to the announcements page, or contact Dr. Daniel Roberts at droberts@chaplainconsultants.com, 910-690-4964 for more information.

Register for Either Conference

If you register at least 10 days before an event, your investment is only $50 and includes the program book and a great event of professional speakers, roundtables, and workshops. Within 10 days of an event (after March 15th or May 5th), your portion is $75. Even at that rate, it will be well worth it. The conferences are open to people of all genders. To register, click here: Registration.

Purchase Sponsorship or Ad Space

To make the conference affordable for veterans who are on limited budgets, there is no charge to attend. Sponsors, exhibitors, and donations are needed to defray the cost of the event and provide travel scholarships for those veterans who are short on funds. There are many levels of sponsorship, from $10,000 to $500. Non-profit organizations, government agencies, and faith communities pay half price for exhibitor space and ads. Sponsorship benefits include exhibitor space, company logo in program books, advertising on web pages, luncheon tickets, and opportunities to present your organization at the conference.

We also accept donations. Moral Injury Support Network for Servicewomen, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that accepts tax-free cash and in-kind donations. Consider donating cash for veteran travel scholarships or in memory of a woman veteran or chaplain. In-kind donations may include food, beverages, paper goods, hotel rooms for veterans or speakers, technology assistance for disabled veterans, program printing, welcome bags and other items.

Downloadable Documents:

To find out more, contact:
Dr. Dan Roberts, Conference Chair/Coordinator
Moral Injury Support Network for Servicewomen, Inc.
droberts@chaplainconsultants.com  910-690-5964 
Dr. Christiane O’Hara
WVSJ Network
christianeohara@wvsjnetwork.org or christianeohara@gmail.com 

Conference Advisor:
Women Veteran Social Justice Network (non-profit) https://www.facebook.com/4wvsj/
EIN 45-5296843

WVSJ Network is the lead advising agency on this project and provides leadership on program and event development, cultural competency, and other important aspects. WVSJ is an outreach and community based non-profit working to bring together national and local resources available to women veterans in a single, easy to understand and navigable resource. The online social network organization started with peer support groups that utilized social media and education, to inform, support and advocates on behalf of women veterans. It  focuses on issues of Military Sexual Trauma (MST), Moral Injury, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), homelessness, suicide awareness and prevention, and VA and community based services and benefits available to women veterans and their families.

WVSJ continues their primary mission of providing information, education, encouragement, and support to women veterans, regardless of the era in which they served, as well as support tools and resources to the veteran’s families and the community at large. It supports and partners with others in the academic, military, faith, and other communities in joint programs of benefit to women veterans.

Moral Injury Support Network for Servicewomen, Inc., EIN 84-3369740 https://chaplainconsultants.com

Moral Injury Support Network for Servicewomen, Inc. specializes in education, research, and advocacy in military chaplaincy and soldier care. RRC’s research focus is on pastoral support to female service members. Women are an underserved population when it comes to spiritual leadership and support. By conducting studies with female service members as the primary population, MISNS is able to develop theories and practices that will enhance the lives of women in the military.

Leashes of Valor

Leashes of Valor is a national non-profit working to provide every post 9/11 veteran who needs one with a highly-trained service dog to assist them in mitigating the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Their mission is to bring service dogs and post 9/11 veterans together in order to enrich and improve the lives of both.

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