2020 Women Veterans and Clergy Conferences

The 2020 Women Veterans and Clergy Conferences bring together women veterans, military chaplains, civilian clergy, researchers, and mind/body practitioners to discuss moral injury, coping mechanisms, spirituality/religion as it relates to healing and recovery, and innovative approaches to addressing gaps in support for women veterans.

The Problem

There is a definite lack of knowledge about moral injury within the veteran and clergy community. Some chaplains have no idea how much women veterans are truly suffering and how little support they receive. Many chaplains think of moral injury as something that only happens to combat soldiers. For military women, moral injury often involves military sexual trauma.

Women veterans are widely spread throughout the U.S. and civilian clergy represent a source of support for these veterans. However, many of them don’t know what to do to help women veterans. Many women veterans have a low level of financial and transportation resources.

The Research

Much of the moral injury research that has been conducted to this point has centered on the experiences of men in combat. Moral injury in women often happens due to other circumstances, such as military sexual trauma and disrespect from military men. To develop a theory of moral injury for women veterans, we are interviewing women who served in the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard. To find out more, go to: https://chaplainconsultants.com/projects/.

The Conferences

Besides conducting cutting edge research, Roberts Research and Consulting is hosting a series of conferences that will give veterans a chance to tell their stories so that chaplains and clergy will get a true sense of some of the problems that still exist in the military and in support systems, such as the Veterans Administration. Military chaplains and clergy will talk about ways that they are working to bring healing in their spaces. Researchers will describe the latest findings, and practitioners will expose attendees to a variety of modalities. The conference will also give attendees a chance to build relationships with each other for ongoing help and support.

The Women Veterans and Clergy Conferences take a diversity approach to spirituality and faith. Clergy and practitioners from a wide variety of faiths, disciplines, and religions are welcome. The conferences will include healing and mind/body events.

Dates and Locations

The first two conferences will take place on the east coast – in Charleston, South Carolina on April 6-7, 2020 and in Richmond, Virginia April 28-29, 2020. Stay tuned to the announcements page, or contact Dr. Daniel Roberts at droberts@chaplainconsultants.com, 910-690-4964 for more information.

Register for Either Conference

These conferences are free to attend and are open to women veterans and clergy of all gender. To register, click here: Registration. Media should register here: Media Registration.

Presenters Wanted

There are many opportunities to present your ministry, research, healing modality, or mind/body/spirit technique to hundreds of veterans, ministers, and military leaders. Apply to be a presenter here: Presenter Application.

Purchase Sponsorship or Ad Space

There are a variety of opportunities to put your business in front of many military leaders, chaplains, and support professionals who could become long-term customers and inject your products into their organizations. Sponsorships and ad spaces are available. For more information, contact Daniel Roberts at droberts@chaplainconsultants.com or 910-690-5964.


The deadline for new sponsorship, exhibitor, and presenter applications is December 31, 2019.

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