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MISNS is dedicated to serving others in any way that we can. Based on our research and the work of others in the field with whom we have alliances, we have developed continuing education units, conferences and internships. Using virtual classroom platforms, social media networks, and international partners, we provide training to practitioners around the world. Check out some of our services below.

Upcoming Event

Moral Injury Spiritual Aid Training for Religious Program for Religious Support Teams (MISAT-RST).

  • Dates: August 1st-4th. (Training begins on August 2nd and August 1st would be considered a travel day).
  • This is a three-day training event for military religious support teams (chaplains and religious affairs specialists) and government chaplains (such as VA chaplains).
  • Purpose: Our training is designed to prepare religious support teams to provide immediate care to those who are showing signs of moral injury. The training will teach participants what moral injury is, who can get it, and how to help a person recover from it.
  • Participants will receive a certificate worth 12-15 hours of continuing education. 
  • Military chaplains from countries outside of the U.S are also welcome! We would not be able to sponsor you at this time and you would require a visitor visa.
  • Cost: Our event is only $50 per attendee. The cost of room and board is the responsibility of each participant. (You may be able to attend on official travel orders).
  • We will provide some take-home materials.
  • Location: The training will take place at the Hilton Peachtree City Atlanta Hotel & Conference Center. (This location is 20 minutes from the Atlanta airport and 40 minutes from downtown Atlanta). It has both indoor and outdoor pools, is next to a golf course and lake, and has on-site restaurants.
  • Follow the title link above to register. See you there!

2022 Conference Replay

If you are a psychologist, social worker, family therapists, or chaplain, the 2022 Comprehensive Moral Injury Conference will help bridge the gap in knowledge. Through introductory and intermediate level instruction on MI research, practitioners in the fields of psychology, will taught to take a holistic, collaborative approach to MI. Regardless of where clinicians, chaplains, and therapists work, they should understand how to identify MI and help those in need.

2021 Conference Replay

The 2021 Comprehensive Moral Injury Conference (CMIC), hosted by the Moral Injury Support Network for Servicewomen, Inc., provided in-depth information from experts on moral injury in a wide range of settings and populations including:

  • Military,
  • First Responders,
  • Woman Veterans,
  • Servicewomen,
  • Healthcare Providers,
  • Chaplains/Faith Leaders, etc.

Internship Program

MISNS maintains a robust internship program that prepares leaders for greater service in business, public policy and management, non-profits, and community health. Interns serve in unpaid positions but gain the benefits of:

Tubman Chaplain Network

The Tubman Chaplain Network (TCN) is a group of volunteer chaplains who are dedicated to helping servicewomen. TCN is named in honor of the deeply religious, courageous, and strong leader of the Underground Railroad. TCN represents the actions of Harriet Tubman who helped guide women towards personal freedom through strength and empowerment.


We hold three-hour events in a classroom, auditorium, or conference setting. The instructor will offer instructional material and facilitate feedback and discussion from the audience. Oue seminars are highly interactive and will challenge participants to think deeply about their own perspectives and attitudes. Themes include the ministry to women in the military, moral injury, counseling, pastoral support to sexual assault survivors, avoiding bias in support roles, and many other subjects. Price: $3,000. Pricing includes travel within the continental United States (CONUS). Travel and lodging costs will be added for events outside of CONUS.


Workshops take one to two days and involve theoretical discussions, hands-on training, practical exercises, and group activities. Price: $5,000 for a one-day, 6-8 hour workshop, $9,000 for two-day workshop.

Curriculum Development

MISNS will work with seminaries, professional associations, and religious organizations to develop new courses. We aim to create or modify existing curriculum so that chaplains are better prepared to help our servicewoman. Prices vary by project.


We are looking for research partners, organizations that provide support to military personnel, veterans, and their families. We believe these organizations, who have invested time, money and energy into the veteran community, are in the best position to help us design, recruit, and conduct the research study. If you belong to one of those organizations, visit our partner page for more information: Partner Page.

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